We Are one stop shop for all appliance related repairs and installation works in Doha, Qatar.

We Are specializing in repair such as AC, Fridge, Washing Machine, Dishwashers, Cooking ranges, Dish line installation service, CC TV setup, used appliance buy & sell service and many more.

Is your AC/Fridge not functioning correctly? Is it working slow than it usually does? it’s generating abnormal noises? Or worse, is it completely broken? Are you spending extra money at the laundry shop? Wasting food because it is getting spoiled? Hand washing cookware? Or perhaps relying on eating takeaways because you have not attended to the repairing needs of your home appliance? Are you thinking about how much it’ll cost you? Could you imagine coming up to a sketchy technician who can not differentiate the difference between Samsung and Bosch? Are you thinking of repairing it by yourself but you understand you might injure yourself or lead to even more issue to the appliance?

Whether you need a specialist in AC repairs in Doha or an experienced technician for a fridge repair in Doha, you’ll always get a high quality service and a competitive price with Doha AC house & Refrigeration.

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We always give our customers honest pricing for all of our services, from AC Repair to refrigerator repairs and washing machine repairs in Doha.


All our technicians have years of experience and worked with all types of appliances such as AC, Fridge, Washing Machine etc. Problem solving is our specialty.


Call us to get your free phone consultation and we’ll guide you in the right direction. We are always on standby, waiting for your call. Best AC Repair Service in Doha.

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